Patmos Moto Rent Express

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Welcome to Patmos Island. Rent a car or motorbike from Moto Rent Express, the only one choise of rentals in Patmos!

High quality and variety of choises for your transportation

Have you planned everything about your vacation and need the last small detail of your transportation? You are in the right place as Moto Rent Express has every available option in Patmos for you. We have the biggest and highest quality fleet of motorbikes in Patmos, we also have a very big variety of quads and cars for every need and special occasion.

Great Service

We are a family business with more than 30 years of experience in renting cars and motorbikes in Patmos. We try our best to make our customers happy. We want to make your transportation as easiest and safest as possible.

Excellent location and easy to find us

We have three stores in central places of Patmos, so finding us will be the easiest part of your vacation. We are at the port with a big store across the exit of the ship. We also have two big stores near the central square of Skala (port and capital of Patmos).

No payment in advance

Booking from us is as easy as a phone call or an email, no payment in advance needed, no credit card required. You only need to inform us how many cars/motorbikes you need, which models, any extra needs, the place and time you want to deliver. Your car/motorbike will be waiting for you.

Free delivery at your place

We offer you free delivery and taking from anywhere you want at the island.

Best prices, highest quality, discounts

We offer only high quality, latest years models and fully maintained motorbikes at the most competitive prices in Patmos. We also make big discounts for long days or group reservations. Our fleet can serve big groups more than 200 people. Ask everyone for an offer, book from us.


All of our means of transport are fully insured for any damage from third party.

Extra free services

We offer you for free helmets for the driver and co-driver from a wide selection of high quality helmets.