Rental Terms and Policies

Driving License

All drivers must have a valid driving license. Quads can be driven with a regular car license and/or a motorbike license. All motorbikes can only be driven with a valid motorbike license which is marked as category A on most European licenses. For more information about driving licenses you may contact us.

Fuel Policy

Fuel is not included in the rental fee and must be purchased by the customer. Your vehicle will be delivered with a certain amount of fuel and you will have to return it with the same amount, in different case charges may apply.

Insurance and Coverage

Insurance policy: The vehicles will be covered by the type of insurance mention on the rental agreement and the insurance terms and conditions as described on it. The indicative type of insurance that been provided are: Third part liability insurance, Full Insurance, Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (CDW), Insurance against Thieves, Personal Insurance. No bike insurance covers personal injury to the driver or passenger.

All insurances are void in the following cases: If the driver consumes alcoholic drinks or takes any drugs or hallucinatory substances If he/she drives against the traffic regulations If the bike is used for racing, motocross or any other reckless driving If the bike is driven by a person not authorized on the rental agreement If the agreed time of return has expired. Contact us for more information.

The customer is liable for all traffic/parking violations. 

Technical Support

MotoRentExpress will provide you with all the technical support you need, therefore any bike which breaks down will be repaired/replaced efficiently, free of charge.

Customer complaints

Customer complaints are always free and welcome taken very seriously so that we can further improve our high quality services.